Monday, December 20, 2010

What's In A Name?

Why is it such a challenge for players to come up with character names? Really, it isn't that hard, is it? Or maybe it is...

GM Troll: Ok, so you've rolled up your stats - it looks like you would be a good elf!

Elf Player: Yeah, ok! I wanted to play an elf!

GM Troll: So once you've picked out your gear and come up with a name, you can join the rest of the party and we'll begin.

Elf Player: Hmmm... [after several minutes of thought] How about... Myrmidon?

Dwarf Two: [shaking his head] You'll sound a bit funny when you get to Level 6, won't you? Myrmidon the Myrmidon?

GM Troll: [not wanting to waste any more time] No, that name's fine! Let's begin...

[Several days later, Myrmidon meets an untimely demise and a new character is rolled up...]

Elf Player: I think I'm going to continue playing an elf.

GM Troll: Ok, you have the stats for it, so that should work. Pick out some gear and a name and I'll work you into the story at an opportune time.

Elf Player: I think I'll call him... Myrmadon. He can be Myrmidon's twin brother!

Dwarf Two: What, so 'Legolas' is taken, then??


  1. In one of the old AD&D 1e campaigns I played in, if you couldn't pick a name in 5 minutes, your name was Garcia.

    Garcia the Elf. Garcia the Fighter. Garcia the Ranger.

    About 3 years into the campaign I rolled a bard and named her Carmen Garcia. The game world disappeared in a time paradox.

  2. I was reviewing my character sheets, and finally saw the character names from last weeks game.

    Dwater the dwarf
    Errow the elf
    Celeric the cleric
    Kemo Flearon The Pyromancer