Friday, October 7, 2011

Unfamiliar Territory...

(Our hapless adventurer, Bramble, the dwarven ranger, suddenly finds himself in the midst of unfamiliar territory - a 3.5e campaign...)

GM: ... and on three of the tables you find, in various stages of completion, quite a few gemstones. Some of them are finished, some are partially cut, and some are still rough.

Bramble: I go around to the tables and pick up all of the gemstones and put them in my belt pouch.

GM: Ok... please roll a search skill check.

Bramble: No, I'm not searching the tables or anything; I'm just picking up the gemstones.

GM: Yeah, but you have to roll a search skill check.

Bramble: But... aw, alright. [rolls dice] I got a 12.

GM: You find three gemstones.

Bramble: What?? You said there were 'quite a few'! Never mind. I walk over to the other door in the room and open it.

GM: Ok... Please roll a walking skill check.