Saturday, December 18, 2010

Play-By-Post Challenges - Part One

One of the challenges of a Play-By-Post campaign is that some players do not post nearly as often as the rest of the party. And then when they do post, they like to go back in time and change things...

Elf Player: I search the fountain.

GM Troll: Ok, you... wait, what?

Elf Player: I search the fountain. Do I find anything?

GM Troll: There is no fountain in the room you guys are currently in...

Elf Player: No, before we left the room with the fountain, I'm going to search it.

GM Troll: But... the party left that room three days ago. You've already moved through several hundred feet of hallway and three other rooms since then. Plus, if you'll read back through the posts, you'll see that they've already searched it.

Elf Player: Then I leave the party and go back to the fountain room to search the fountain.

GM Troll: *sigh* Ok, please state any other actions you'd like to do before hand.

Elf Player: No other actions - I just leave the party and go back to the fountain so I can search it.

GM Troll: After walking 20' away from the rest of the party, you round the corner in the corridor and are enveloped in darkness as you have no light source.

Elf Player: [silence]

Dwarf Two: We're not waiting for him...

[48 RL hours later...]

GM Troll: Ummm... Elf Player, you are standing in a hallway. It is pitch dark... you are likely to be eaten by a grue.

[24 RL hours later...]

GM Troll: [rolls] Elf Player, as you fumble around in the dark (remember, elves have no infravision in OD&D), trying to find your way, something large brushes past your shoulder and a low rumble of laughter echos in your pointy elven ears...

[The blind combat against five wandering orcs does not go well for the elf, who perishes in just one round...]

[Another 24 RL hours later...]

Elf Player: Did I find anything in the fountain?

GM Troll: Do you even read the other posts??

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