Monday, February 21, 2011

Example of Reality (Part One)

Sometimes the lines of reality and fantasy blur a bit in the Grue's world (might be the Oxycodone...). Anyone who works in the IT industry, and has living parents, surely feels my pain here (not my back pain - the reason for the Oxycodone - I mean my emotional/mental/spiritual duress).

(And yes, I know this is a break from the traditional RPG Example of Play, but I did at least work in some dice rolling!)

[e-mail conversation between the Grue and the Grue's mom]

Grue's Mom: How do I cut this to a different size, forward it to my own Gruebook to use as ID picture (since I don't have one)?

Grue: Cut what to size? Use your words, Grue Mom. Are you talking about a picture you have up on your monitor that I can't see?

Grue's Mom: And then how do I move it to someone else's email or my email? Do you have any other half-decent pics of me? ie ones I would approve of--where I don't look 100 and fat.

Grue: Move it to som...? What? You mean how do you e-mail the picture to someone else? Thanks for answering my previous questions, by the way. Do you even read my responses?

The best way involves basic photo editing software, but you also need to have a general understanding of said basic photo editing software. If you send me a picture, I can crop it for you and send it back. After you've saved it to your C: drive, you can Edit your GB profile and Change your profile picture. It will ask you to browse to the picture you want to use. Just save it straight onto your C: drive so it will be easy to find.

As an aside, I don't have any good pictures of you. You are a Grue. As a general rule, we don't photograph very well.

Grue's Mom: Do I have a profile? Do you mean in Gruebook?

Grue: YES I MEAN IN GRUEBOOK! You asked me to help you update your Gruebook profile picture, then you question whether or not you have a profile on Gruebook?

(Do we need to continue the conversation about how I think a Gruebook account is a BAD idea for you?)

You know what, I can't handle this today. There is only a 5% chance I'm going to continue this e-mail conversation.


Ooohhh... 78%. That's too bad. Sorry, Grue Mom, this conversation is over.

Grue's Mom: Remember, edit the picture so I look young and thin--much as I can.

Grue's Mom: ... so are you going to help me?

Grue: I'll help you this weekend when I see you in person, Grue Mom. You are cut off from e-mail support.


  1. These are really gold. My favorite part of the DMG was the play by play - you should not stop doing these.

  2. C-

    Thanks for the comments!

    Don't worry, I haven't stopped writing. But I'm only as good as my PbP partners are bad!

    Sometimes the PbP world of RPGs has waves of activity and inactivity. Right now, I'm riding an Inactivity Wave, so... the examples are a little sparse ATM.

    Plus, I've cut the Grue Mom off from e-mail support. Honestly, that's a good thing.

    But don't worry! The Grue is still alive (even if you can't see him) and looking for the next play-by-play example of humor to present to the rest of the known world.

    Fortunately (for this blog), our ever grumpy dwarf Gimlet has returned back to the campaign! Can't wait to see if he still has our magical dagger!

    And Eggoless found out even plate and a shield can't always protect you from kobold spears; his replacement character is an ass-ass-in. I expect good things to come from both of these recent changes!

    Stay tuned!